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    The Six were a splinter group of X-Men and X-Factor. The group, led by Havok and Marvel Woman, battled foes such as Onslaught and Mr Sinister and faced constant threat from the Goblin Force - the evil counterpart to the Phoenix Force.

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    The Six were formed by Alex Summers (Havok) and his wife Madelyne Pryor and their allies the Fallen, Bloodstorm, Brute and Iceman. Alex Summers would eventually be replaced by his 616 counterpart and soon after Madelyne Pyror would be overcome by the Goblyn Queen. The Goblyn Queen tried to take over the world but was stopped by Havok of 616 and the X-Men.

    The team managed to overcome this incident and under the leadership of Alex Summers of 616 became a force to be reckoned with. During this time they battled the insane Professor X and Mr Sinister. They were even joined by by some new members during this time such as the avenger Captain America, the vampire Gambit and the long believed dead Jean Grey. Captain America however did not last long and later died and destroyed part on the Moon.

    Soon after the Beyonder would attack the earth. The Six engaged him along with Earth's heroes but were decimated by the Beyonder and his ally Dracula. Of the Six, Jean Grey was their only fatality but the X-Men, Thor Corps and Defenders were all wiped out. Havok managed to defeat the Beyonder and found out it was actually the Goblyn Queen in disguise. Havok managed to defeat the Goblyn Queen and set Madelyne Pyror free. After the defeat of the Beyonder, Havok disappeared, and its unknown if the remaining members of the Six reformed the group.


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