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Return of a Siredam

After The Magus never returned to Kvch while trying to find his son Warlock on Earth, the other Technarch Siredams abandoned Kvch and went their seperate ways. Since that day The Siredams have traveled across the Heavens consuming any world that harbors intelligent life and massive reserves of "Lifeglow."

When the Phalanx Selects who had once been Drax and Gamora arrived on Kvch searching for Richard Rider a.k.a. Nova their transmode virus reacted badly to The Technarchy Transmode Virus and within a few short moments they mutated and merged into a Babel Spire which began transmitting a signal into space towards the nearest Siredam.

On a far-distant world The Siredam had burrowed it's way into the planet's crust and had been consuming the very heart of the planet itself when it detected the signal. Immediately dislodging itself from the planet The Siredam used it's limited dimensional manipulation abilities to warp space all around it and tear the cosmos asunder as it raced back to Kvch in hopes of finding and killing the young Technarch named Tyro.

Nova decided to try and distract the immense Siredam and was nearly killed in the process until Tyro, who did not wish for Warlock to sacrifice himself on his account, attacked The Siredam and was consumed by it, presumably being killed in the process.

However because Tyro had the non-agressive strain of The Technarchy Transmode Virus in his system he was able to take full control of the rampaging Siredam and completely wipe out its feral personality. Using the Siredam's massive Lifeglow reserves, Tyro and Warlock (along with a Kree man named Zak-Del a.k.a. Wraith) began curing The Kree as well as anyone else infected by The Phalanx Transmode Virus, following the events of Annihilation: Conquest.

Powers, Assets and Abilities

The Siredam is an immensely powerful fully-grown Technarch who has spent much of its adult life consuming the life energies of entire worlds, which are torn asunder in the process. It also has a very limited form of Dimensional Manipulation which allows The Siredam to bend space around it and rush from one side of the Universe to the next in moments.

Like all Technarchs, The Siredam can shape-shift though because it is so massive (roughly about the same size as the average Celestial) and because of its feral mentality it cannot shape-shift as efficiently as Warlock can. It was only after Tyro took control over The Siredam's body that it was capable of being able to shape-shift efficiently.

The Siredam's greatest asset however is the multiple extension cord-like laser cannons that extend from The Siredam's fingerless hands which can fire multiple beams of highly concentrated energy at its targets. Another of its greater assets is The Siredam's ability to run at high speeds which considering its size should not be possible.

With such speed The Siredam to pursue its targets every step of the way and since it can fire its weapons flawlessly while doing so it has numerous advantages in combat. The Siredam is also protected by a nigh-indestructible armor casing which even the full power of the Nova Force cannot penetrate.


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