The Silver Surfer #7

    The Silver Surfer » The Silver Surfer #7 - The Heir of Frankenstein! released by Marvel on August 1969.

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    It's ALIVE! An ancestor of the original Dr. Frankenstein is about to make a very similar mistake in their present.

    1st story: "The Heir of Frankenstein!"

    Doctor Frankenstein's heir is trying to recreate life just as his ancestors had. His attempt fails and it attracts the villagers who attempt to burn down his castle to rid their village of his evil. The Doctor says it is now time for Experiment X, which he had swore to never try.

    The fire attracts the Silver Surfer and he chases off the mob. He is wary of the doctor, finding the situation similar to when he trusted Doctor Doom. Frankenstein tells him that he only plans to help the villagers and tries to relate with the Surfer for his help. The Surfer leaves uninterested.

    He gets the Surfers attention once again and asks him to help power his machine that will drive the evil from all men's minds. The Surfer is still cautious and protects himself with a shield. Little does he know that the energy is not meant to harm him, it is meant to duplicate him. When the Surfer realizes the machine is draining his strength he breaks free of it, but it is too late and an identical copy of himself attacks him. The Surfer is temporarily defeated.

    The duplicate is under Frankenstein's total control. It commands the entire village to bow to his master's will. The true Surfer arrives and begins to battle the clone. He diverts the battle to space where he can take advantage of the situation. They soon realize that they are equal in power. The duplicate flies down to Earth and begins attacking cities and creating havoc.

    The villagers once again storm Frankenstein's castle. He begins to shot them but is betrayed by his servant Borgo, and they both fall from a window to their deaths.

    The Surfer realizes he may have to give his life to defeat his copy. This surge in power in effort causes the copy to fear his own death and the Surfer is able to drain his power and destroy him.

    2nd story: "I, The Gargoyle"

    Reprinted from Amazing Adult Fantasy #12.



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