The Silver Surfer #2

    The Silver Surfer » The Silver Surfer #2 - When Lands The Saucer released by Marvel on October 1968.

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    Silver Surfer's naptime is interrupted by a meteor shower…and later -- a Badoon invasion!

    1st story: "When Lands The Saucer"

    The Silver Surfer tries to fit in with the human population. But they still fear him and all begin arguing amongst themselves. The Surfer can no longer handle the human madness and tries to escape the planet, but Galactus' barrier is still in place. Back on Zenn-La, Shalla Bal still holds on to the memory of Norrin and believes he may return someday.

    In orbit, the Surfer notices a alien craft approaching the planet. He still swears to protect those who fear and loathe him. He realizes the ship is cloaked from the humans and they cannot see it. He tries to warn the people but they attack him. He does not resist and is arrested. He easily escapes.

    He then travels to the ship and they let him inside. They are the Badoon and claim to come in peace and to share their technology with the humans. Suddenly, a human woman runs out and tells the Surfer that they are lying and plan to enslave the Earth. The Badoon blast her and the Surfer takes her and leaves the ship. They tell him he will make their takeover interesting, but he warns them that he may not be the prey in the situation. He takes her to orbit and encases her in an energy field until he can return.

    The Badoon begin investigating the human population. They realize it will be all too easy to conquer them and focus on the Surfer for their amusement. They launch missiles at the Surfer that prove useless. They next unleash what they call their Weapon of Weapons, the Monster of Badoon.

    The Monster attacks the Surfer and proves to be more challenging than he expected, but he is still no match for the Surfer. Little does the Surfer know, the Monster is invisible as well and it appears to the residents that he is destroying the city. The Badoon recall their monster and flee. The army has launched missiles against the Surfer and he directs them into the Badoon ship. He then tries to escape Earth by flying with the ship inside of it's force field.

    He remembers the woman he left and aborts this plan to rescue her. He supplies her with energy to keep her alive but is again attacked by the Army. He flies away, still with a tortured heart.

    2nd story: "The Coming Of The Krills"

    Reprinted from Amazing Adult Fantasy #8.



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