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Galactus still attacks the Surfer who is too fast for him but in the process is destroying the city.

The Mayor and his aide approach Reverend Candell and they are listed as heretics and killed. Elyna steals their helicopter in an attempt to reach Galactus. They fire at her and she is hit but manages to stay alive and continue on her course. She approaches Galactus but he helicopter begins to fall because she is dying. Surfer tries to save her but is stopped by Galactus and the helicopter crashes and she dies.

The Reverend sees that Galactus did not save his sister from her death and claims that Galactus has sinned and so has he for deifying a devil. The masses soon follow realizing Galactus to be vengeful god. The President launchs attack planes in an attempt to stop Galactus.

Meanwhile, Galactus has got Surfer in his grasp and is about to destroy him when the planes come to attack him. He lets the Surfer go, claiming that his plot to have the people of Earth worship him and destroy each other has failed. He gets in his ship and leaves the planet.

The Surfer is invited to the United Nations to speak and they all believe him to be the true god. He decides to become an outcast instead and to teach them the errors of their ways by making ranting demands. They expel him from the UN, the only one realizing what he has done being Colton Candell, the former prophet of Galactus, believing the Surfer to mankind's last hope.

Surfer leaves and wonders about the desert of madness that men call Earth.



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Stan Lee/Moebius 0

Unfortunately, Stan Lee's dialogue gets even weaker in the conclusion of this series, as Galactus has been thwarted yet still humanity hasn't given up their herd mentality. I suppose Stan could be forgiven as this is a parable, and parables are basically simply written little morality stories. Stan could also be forgiven because he enlisted the help of the great Moebius, whose art makes up for the writing. I personally don't think the Surfer has ever looked this good and in a way, more alien, t...

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