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A tragic love story from space

The first volume of Silver Surfer is a critically acclaimed series and contains some of Stan Lee's most poignant story telling. Issue #11 is no exception. It continues the story of a lonely Silver Surfer trapped on Earth who is trying to make sense of mankind and find acceptance among humans.

After facing persecution, mistrust and hatred from mankind numerous times, Norrin Radd decides he must discover the reason for their hatred. He finds himself in a war torn South America country where an evil dictator has murdered many of the population. Norrin makes friends with a kind hearted woman who is part of the rebellion and ends up having to rescue her. As you would expect in a romantic tragedy, this is the moment Norrin's long lost love Shall Bal sees him - when the rescued woman thanks him with a kiss!

The rest of the issue sees Shalla Bal struggle to accept what she has seen while Silver Surfer finds himself caught in the middle of a civil war. The story takes a few twists throughout but none are more well told then the one in the end. This really is a well told story full of romance, empathy, war and betrayal. What more can you possible want from one issue? How about some fantastic art work? Big John Buscema provides this too. The whole series has contained some of the best art work of the 1960's and the trend continues here. The war torn nation is drawn so atmospherically you feel you are in the middle of the story.

If you had any doubt as to why Silver Surfer vol 1 is such an acclaimed and well respected series, read this issue. Well done Mr. Lee and Mr. Buscema. This is entertainment!

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