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    The Silver Surfer » The Silver Surfer #1 - The Origin of the Silver Surfer released by Marvel on August 1968.

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    Silver Surfer's origin on Zenn-La revealed here!

    1st story: "The Origin of the Silver Surfer"

    The Silver Surfer is now trapped on Earth after rebelling against Galactus. He tries to help the human race, but they all fear him and attack him. He recalls his former life as Norrin Radd. It seems no matter what he will be discontent with his surroundings.

    He travels to an ancient, abandoned city in the Himalayas. He is again attacked, this time by a group of Yeti. He now recalls once helping the Hulk, and how he was attacked for his kindness. He also remembers being betrayed by Doctor Doom and how he has difficulty trusting humans because of this incident.

    As Norrin Radd, he dreamed of great things. He got his chance when a spaceship approached the planet. Scientists helped him to build a spacecraft. He flew to meet the invader, to find himself face to face with Galactus, the devourer of worlds. He pleads with Galactus to spare Zenn-La and offered himself as herald. Galactus accepts and Norrin is transformed into the Silver Surfer.

    He says his good-byes to Shalla Bal and heads off into the unknown to find planets for Galactus to consume. Eventually this leads him to Earth, where he betrays Galactus to spare the planet. As punishment, he is trapped on Earth forever, never to soar the Universe again.

    2nd story: "The Way It Began"

    A retelling of the story in Tales of Suspense #53.

    Note: This issue is seen being read by Jesse Lujack (Richard Gere) in the movie Breathless.


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