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Golden Age
Not much is known about The Silver Streak, other then he was cab driver who was recruited by unnamed swami who owned a race car named "The Sliver Streak." Every driver of the car had been killed by giant insects. So the swami hypnotized the taxi driver into taking the job, only for him to be killed like the others .  This seems to have gotten the swami's goat worse than the others, because the swami used used his mystical powers to bring this particular driver back to life.  In his new life, the former driver had super speed and could fly, among other powers.

He later acquired a sidekick named Mercury and a pet falcon named Whiz who both gained similar powers by receiving blood transfusions from the Silver Streak.  He also briefly teamed with Daredevil against Adolf Hitler and the Claw

Project Superpowers
One of the heroes trapped in the Urn of Pandora, the Silver Streak first reappears in New Jersey where he helps 'Devil against the Claw organization.

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