The Seven Treasures of Atlantis

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    A set of powerful, once long forgotten esoteric relics of Atlantean origin, forged into weapons and objects of vast might and magic by Atlan; former king of Atlantis from the enchanted gold that had been synthesized by an Alchemist of one of its Seven Kingdoms.

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    Seven mighty items of great power erected within a sacred forge by the very first king of Atlantis; Atlan. He commissioned their craft at the hands of an Deserter Alchemist who chose to live his days as a hermit, However when the old mechanist refused to part with the sacred gold of his tribe to aid in his king's vendetta. Atlan killed him in a rage and took the gold to craft tools to exact his revenge on his murderous usurper of a brother Orin and his wife. His son however would find out about this injustice and swore his life and the lives of his family line to vengeance against the Atlantean King and all of his descendants, going so far as to using another object fashioned from said material to prolong his lifespan in order to steal back the hereditary relics eons after Atlantis sank.


    King Atlan was the very first king of kings who built the island continent of Atlantis, but then his treacherous brother Orin staged a coup against him which lead to the eventual slaughter of all his supporters and his very family. Out for revenge against the former's actions that drove him out of the united world kingdom he had hoped to build; he came back upon them armed with six incredibly powerful tools/weapons of eldritch magic and slaughtered them both; plunging his former kingdom into civil war. All just before speaking his last words in decades since his loss of everything dear to him right as he sank the once proud superpower nation beneath the waves. Thousands of years later Arthur Curry and his clandestine team called The Others eventually chanced upon the illustrious wears of the former's great ancestry in their pursuit for Black Manta, during Aquaman's younger days when the two were within the bitter deep of their conflicting vendetta's. About a decade later Manta resumes his war with Arthur under new contract of a mysterious client who commissioned him to require them in order to find a greater prize; a job which would take him and per the informed Arthur Curry and co. around the world in order to retrieve their respective artifacts in order to acquire the ultimate prize. After having secured two of all six items of said aforementioned items, he was able to secure the 7th and final treasure that he had been looking for. The scepter of the dead king, the last and most powerful of all the relics of Atlantis

    Known Relics

    • Atlantean Helmet: A mystically crafted helm that enables the users to thrive in any kind of environment.

    Wielder: Vostok-X

    • Atlantean Key: Pocket crafted item that can undo any locked obstruction as well as lock it down again.

    Wielder: The Operative, Aaron Cole (Future's End)

    • Scepter of Atlantis: Most powerful of all the relics, capable of emitting seismic waves that can sink continents. Also used to control the trench due to inbred loyalty to what it symbolizes.

    Wielder: None, Destroyed

    Former Wielders: The Dead King, Black Manta, Vulko, Aquaman

    Wielder: Ya'Wara

    • Manacles of Force: Twin cuffs that when clashed together can create force fields or blast waves of incredible force.

    Wielder: Prisoner of War

    • Power Glove: Increases the amount of impact force behind every swing of ones punch, capable of shattering even mystical barriers.

    Wielder: Carl Peters

    • Seal of Clarity: An omnilingual deciphering device that can translate anything into understandable translations. Could also be used to stabilize ones future sight

    Wielder: Sayeh

    Former Wielders: Sky Alchesay, Kahina the Seer, Black Manta, The Operative

    Stand Alone Relics

    • The Kings Trident: A simple golden lancet with which the chosen king of the seven seas would wield as a show of his authority and birthright to rule.

    Wielder: Aquaman

    Former Wielders: Atlan, Orin, Black Manta, Siren

    • Shield of Life: An artifact found and utilized by then deposed councilmen Vulko in a dystopian future. The shield has the ability to resurrect the dead once upon an incantation being spoken.

    Wielder: Vulko

    • Enchanted Pendent: This relic was utilized by the Legend to host his spirit into shells of lifeless armor. Procuring and odd form of longevity lasting him thousands of years.

    Wielder: Goran Solokov/Legend


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