The Seven Enemies of Man

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    The Seven Enemies of Man have often been integrated into Shazam's long history. It is Captain Marvel's duty to protect the world from these seven deadly sins.

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    These demons caused chaos by controlling humans and affecting their basic sinful desires. The wizard Shazam took notice and captured these demons within seven stones. Their punishment was to remain within the Rock of Eternity encased in stone forever.

    Story Arcs

    Day of Vengeance (Infinite Crisis)

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    The Spectre was without a host and tricked into destroying the magical community. The Spectre fought and killed the wizard Shazam, and the Rock of Eternity was destroyed in the aftermath. Because of this it set the Seven Enemies of Man loose upon the world. Because of the Captain Marvel and the Marvel family must go into the world, rebuild the Rock of Eternity and capture the sins again. They succeed and Captain Marvel now takes over Shazam's place as caretaker of the Rock of Eternity. After taking the role upon himself he begins to hear the sins and his sanity begins to waver. He begins talking back to the sins, trying to control his new duty.

    JLA: World Without a Justice League

    The deadly sin Envy makes a bad situation worse. Green Arrow, Batman, Black Canary, and Manitou Dawn fight against The Key as he tries to destroy Gotham. The Key and Envy use their abilities together to get Green Arrow to fight against the Batman.

    The New 52

    After the Flashpoint, the Seven Enemies of Man were demonic entities that were once trapped within a skulled shaped box until the woman called Pandora accidently opened it. This allowed the Seven Deadly Sins to terrorise the planet and thus marked Pandora as one of the Trinity of Sin by the Circle of Eternity. At some point, the Sins were all imprisoned within human bodies until the modern age. During that time, the recently freed Black Adam sought out Sloth and returned him to his true nature. Afterwards, Black Adam freed the other remaining Sins and gained their loyalty as they feared his power to trap them once again. Thus, they worked with Black Adam to find the heir of the Wizard who prior to dying gave his magical power to a boy called Billy Batson. Whilst Black Adam searched for Batson, the Seven Enemies of Man took possession of a human host and became a giant fiery demon that attacked the city until Teth-Adam's defeat. This led to the Sins retreating into the world once more.


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