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When Jerec a Dark Jedi who had joined the Empire following order 66 and the Jedi Purge learned of an ancient Jedi burial ground known as the Valley of the Jedi, and a nearly unlimited wealth of Force energy that remained dormant there, he enlisted the aid of six other Dark Jedi, Boc, a Twi' Lek who is well trained in the Dark Side and adept at fighting with two lightsabers at once, Maw a former Jedi Shadow who was turned to the Dark Side by Jerec, Sariss, one of the Emperor's Hands, Yun, the apprentice of Sariss, Pic, a mutated Kowakian Monkey, and Gorc, a mutated Gammorean.

As the seven grew closer to their goal they encountered Jedi Master Qu Rahn, after an intense battle Master Rahn sliced Maw in half, but was overwhelm by the numbers of his enemies and the location of the valley was partially revealed when Jerec pulled the information by force from Master Rahn's mind. However Qu Rahn only knew where the information lied that would lead to the valley, it was Master Katarn, the Father of Kyle Katarn an agent of the Rebel Alliance who had knowledge of the Valley's location. This led to a confrontation with Kyle, one that would put him at odds with the seven dark jedi, and set him on a path to become a Jedi Knight like his father before him.

The Seven began their search for Katarn's fathers information by sending the bounty hunter droid 8T88 to extort information from Kyle, but Kyle retaliated and defeated 8T88 and his hired thugs, but before Kyle could find out who hired the droid, three members of the seven destroyed 8T88, but a disc that the droid was carrying led Kyle to his father's home, and closer to the valley of the Jedi. Kyle also found his Father's Lightsaber, and the spirit of Master Qu Rahn revealed himself and began Kyle's training in the ways of the force.

Kyle would soon engage in his first Lightsaber duel, with the apprentice of Sariss, the young Dark Jedi named Yun, Kyle defeated Yun, but chose to let him live. Kyle sensed some good in the young man that he refused to give up on, Yun escaped, and disappeared.

Next Kyle fought the duo of Pic and Gorc, The duo of the Kowakian and Gammorean nearly killed Kyle, but ultimately the aspiring Jedi overcame the pair, and survived the battle, the same could not be said of Pic & Gorc however.

The next adversary Kyle had to face was the Prophetess Sariss, who fought Kyle in a grueling lightsaber duel, one that seemingly ended in a draw, as Sariss managed to escape Katarn at the close of the duel.

Kyle next fought the former Jedi Shadow Maw, it initially seemed Kyle had met his match, but during the battle Maw's repulsorlifts which replaced the lower half of his body after being cut in half by Jedi Master Qu Rahn, were damaged during their duel, left Kyle with Maw at his mercy. Jerec attempted to turn Kyle to the darkside by trying to provoke Katarn into killing the now defenseless Maw. Kyle refused, but Jerec killed Maw anyway for his failure in the battle.

Kyle's final obstacle was Boc, a Twi'Lek who wielded two lightsabers expertly, Boc proved to be the toughest of the Dark Jedi Kyle Katarn had faced so far, but in the end Boc's arrogance led to his death, while Boc was mocking Kyle, he was stabbed through the gut by Kyle's lightsaber.

With only Jerc left, Kyle now had to face the Seven Dark Jedi's leader, and during the duel with Boc, Jerec had suceeded in tapping into the power of the valley of the Jedi, Kyle now faced his greatest challenge, an enemy who had nearly infinite mastery of the force. But in the end, the lightside power that Jerec was attempting to use for dark purposes was his downfall, Jerec lost control of the force long enough for Kyle to kill him.


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