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Had potential... but ultimately let down

(Spoilers about)

So here we are. Eddie Brock's last temptation and from the looks of it, we were going to be given a treat of a story... the true end of Eddie. This little two-part series had the makings of greatness-- In which it did-- until the end. What was so captivating about #38 was the fact that Eddie was facing his ultimate demon: Venom in his head. Eddie's cancer ridden body can't hold on for too much longer and what better way to go out with a bang than to kill Aunt May which lay right down the hall?

Well Mr. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, to me, you failed. It wasn't the fact that Aunt May didn't die, or the timing was wrong... it's the fact that you had Eddie survive at the last moment by Peter's webbing. Eddie Brock should of died right then and there by taking is own life from falling out the window. He had successfully overcome Venom in his mind and even asked forgiveness as he was falling. He had solitified in his own mine that this was the pinnacle of his life: After all the bad things he has done, this was his one chance to end it right on his own terms.

I can't believe they copped out on the ending here. Man it stings. It sort of feels like they pulled the rug from under my feet and said "haha - GOTCHA!"

I expected more. A LOT more.

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