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    He used to be one of Peter Parker's most vicious foes: Venom. Now, though, Eddie Brock is weak and powerless. But fortune has smiled on Mr. Brock, putting him in the right place at the right time: The same hospital where May Parker is fighting for her life. With Peter at his most desperate and completely overwhelmed, will Eddie have one final chance to destroy the man he blames for all his life's woes?

    A weak, cancer-ridden Eddie Brock roams the halls of his hospital remembering events from his past. First up is when J. Jonah Jameson came to his journalism school when he was twenty and lectured. Then he remembers interning at the Daily Globe. Next comes the moment when he read that the real Sin Eater had been caught by Spider-Man and Eddie’s career was ruined, followed by his failed suicide attempt and becoming Venom. He quickly relives the countless failures and humiliations as Venom, receiving the news that he had cancer, his conversion and auctioning off of the symbiote, and his second (obviously) failed suicide attempt when he learned that Venom was killing people for no reason. He questions if he’s at the end of his story.

    Eddie then thinks about more recent times, lying awake at night as he’s haunted by memories (or maybe more?) of Venom. Even during the day he’s taunted by his lost companion. The symbiote appears to him in every waking moment, telling him that he’s with him and will remain with him until Eddie dies and gets cut open on the autopsy table and Venom is set free. He sees and reads about recent events in the news, that Spider-Man is Peter Parker and that he’s wearing a black costume again. Eddie starts to think that maybe he’s not done quite yet. He walks down a hallway and see MJ standing by Aunt May in another room and asks how it’s possible that the Parker family has been brought here to him. As he runs away Venom appears and tells him that this is exactly what they’ve been waiting for.

    Inside the room, MJ talks to the unconscious May Parker and says that the bullet was meant for her. Peter pushed her out of the way, but it was meant for her, and if she had gotten hit, she would have survived because she’s younger and stronger. She starts crying and says that she doesn’t think that she and Peter could handle it if she were responsible for May’s death, so she pleads with May to come back to them.

    In an alley somewhere, Peter finds a few thugs picking on a random girl and he lays into them. He tells them that he’s had a long week so he won’t be taking time to chat or anything. He puts them down and webs them all up in less than a minute but he says that it was too long. As he’s walking away, the victim of the mugging asks if Spider-Man should be offering some comfort and not just leaving. He asks if she’s alright and when she says yes he leaves and doesn’t hear (or doesn’t care) when she wonders if he’s alright.

    Spider-Man swings his way over to Madame Webb’s apartment and goes inside to ask for her help. She offers him some coffee and they sit and talk. Spider-Man tells her about everything that’s happened and finally asks the question he came with. He asks her if she can do a séance. Madame Webb says that May isn’t dead, but Spider-Man just wants to reach her and that’s the only thing he could think of. Webb says that it depends on where May is and if she wants to be reached, but she’ll give it a try. She’d already decided she would before Spider-Man even got there.

    Back in his room, Eddie Brock prays for guidance but the only one who talks to him is Venom. Eddie asks him what he should do about his greatest enemy’s family being unprotected in the very same hospital. Venom says it’s moment of truth time. Venom keeps talking and convinces Eddie to do something he already knew he wanted to do. Eddie had ordered a package and Venom tells him to take it out and use it. Eddie opens the box and puts on a black Spider-Man suit. Venom tells him that he’s looking good.



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    Eddie Brock Returns! 0

    I like Venom. I always have. The Eddie Brock Venom...the cool Venom. Here he is wasting away from cancer and reliving his life from Spider-Man ruining his life by taking away his job to Eddie selling the symbiote. I hope he does not die and I hope he takes back the symbiote from Gargan. Right now though he is being tortured by a personality in his psyche in the form of Venom. He has been since he has been in the hospital. Now that he knows that Aunt May is in the hospital and Mary Jane is with h...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

    My eyes' are on you 0

    Glance @ the cover, and you just know you're wrong in what you thought that moment. Deathly ill, Brock is no time waster (although a lil glimpse of the past makes for an eye-opener). Any Venom fan can agree, we're all curious as to why he kinda vanished after awhile. And now here's our answer..Might say this is a limerick of the words "Sins of the Past", because Eddie is no saint that's for sure. But his mind carries the psyche of the symbiote, but as to what ends we'll find out soon enough.Sini...

    0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
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