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Not bad but not this month's best Spidey comic

Sensational, for me always seems to be forgotten. Amazing is where all the major stories happen, like Aunt May's deal. Friendly Neighborhood... has Peter David writing and I've always like his stuff. Ultimate has Bendis and (for a couple more issues) Bagley. This story has potential. I was intrigued when reading the solicit for the first issue of the arc. I wondered what was up with all these Spider-mens. But Mr. Hyde is the villain? Uhm...okay. Gotta admit, not a fan of his.

I do like how they've finally started referencing Aunt May being in a coma. I do not understand why Marvel couldn't coordinated all this better. I like when Connors mentions Aunt May to Spider-Man. You can see that he's trying not to think about it non-stop. He's throwing himself into the Spider-Man persona since this is the only way he can help. He cannot do anything for May right now. I also like that they're allowing Reed to sort of redeem himself. It's great that he's been willing to help Peter and not try to turn him in to Stark. Must be 'cause he's trying to look good for Sue.

Next issue is the final part of the arc. I have to say I'm glad. It's the final showdown between Spidey and Hyde. Maybe it'll make me change how I feel about Hyde.

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