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    Spider-Man is trying to convince another of the recent spidermans to go with him calmly. This one has a mutated spider head. He starts to flee, but Spider-Man tells him that if he doesn't go with him, he will die. Soon in Curt Connors apartment, Spider-Man is checking to see how the individual he brought is doing. Curt says he is close to finding an antidote that could reverse the transformations. Curt also asks if there's anything he can do for his aunt. Spider-Man pauses for a few seconds and tells him to pray.

    The present

    At a police station, a Detective Jonas Fogg is talking with his partner, Silas about the recent events. It seems that Spider-Man has brought in several individuals in variations of his costume to them. Curt Connors arrives with an antidote. Curt tells them that the formula used on them is similar to the one he used that transformed him into the Lizard. The different spidermens decide that maybe they don't want to be "saved." Before they were just homeless kids. No one cared about them. Now they had power and a chance to be something. Curt tells them they have a choice about the administration of the antidote: a needle or dart gun.

    In a hidden lair, another young individual is locked in a room. He has no idea why he is there. He simply wants to get out. He is being watched by Calvin Zabo. He says, to himself, that the young man is there because he is just like Peter Parker and therefore is the ideal control subject.

    Peter meets with Reed Richards. It seems the individual that was brought to him is alive and stable. He also used the formula that Curt developed (even though he says he could've made his own). Upon examining the boy, he found a tracker imbeded under his skin. Reed believes that all the individuals most likely have one too. Peter says he could use it. He thinks to himself that he could reverse the signal and home in on it. As he's about to leave, Reed tells him that he doesn't have to feel alone in everything he's going through. Peter says that if he is, it's because of him and Tony Stark.

    Below Manhattan, Spider-Man is on the verge of tracking down the location from the tracer. Zabo is recording a journal discussing his current studies. He is trying to figure out why a teenage Peter Parker, upon gaining super powers, used them for good rather than personal gain. This has been the reason behind all his test subjects. The idea was to have them out for a week then he would gather them up. On one of his security cameras, he sees that Spider-Man has arrived. Taking a formula that lies close by, Zabo says he is going to turn things over to his "associate," Mr. Hyde.



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    Not bad but not this month's best Spidey comic 0

    Sensational, for me always seems to be forgotten. Amazing is where all the major stories happen, like Aunt May's deal. Friendly Neighborhood... has Peter David writing and I've always like his stuff. Ultimate has Bendis and (for a couple more issues) Bagley. This story has potential. I was intrigued when reading the solicit for the first issue of the arc. I wondered what was up with all these Spider-mens. But Mr. Hyde is the villain? Uhm...okay. Gotta admit, not a fan of his.I do like h...

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