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Judgmental to the Extreme

Okay, so I just finished reading the whole Civil War: Spider-man TPB... a little behind on things, I know. Anyways, this comic happens to be the first of that Trade, and so I'll use this place as my soap box.

The writer for this piece is horribly judgmental. He treats teenagers like little toddlers, laughing at them the entire time, like some compassionless omnipotent deity looking down from on high.

And. before you relegate me back to the ranks of angst-ridden teen, I bring up Exhibit B. Here, I point to a part where Electro is being examined from an empathetic angle, as it is described that Dillon has liked art for quite some time, it being one of his true loves. Roberto then continues on, in a parenthetical aside, stating that Hitler also enjoyed art, totally undermining the moment of connection with a villain--which in my opinion is nice to do every now and then, in order to remove stark black and white contrasts.

These are only a few examples, for the whole of the piece is riddled with Roberto doubling back on what he says, walking the reader through a series of points he feels necessary to make in order to pound into our obviously dense minds that these are comic characters and he is their god, jerking them along any way he wishes to. It's just too demeaning to stomach more than that one TPB, and I really enjoy Spider-Man.

Oh well... there's always Deadpool. He hasn't had his life messed with and then put back together when the fans rose up in anger.

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