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    This is one for the record books. In the late 1980's and early 1990's, Marvel had a breakthrough in new ideas. Ghost Rider was being printed on all black pages, the junior team New Warriors was at bat, and She-Hulk was making us laugh. Not in the conventional "What The--?!" (a series back in the 1970's) way, but in a parody of Marvel and the comic book industry. Before this book, She-Hulk was a secondary character: her story lines were arguably medium to weak and featured lesser-known characters. She suffered much as Supergirl had suffered in the shadow of her big cousin.

    Then, something weird happened: John Byrne relaunched her long cancelled solo book. He was the same writer/artist who had put the She-Hulk on the Fantastic Four and developed her from a 2-D character to a very well-rounded and lovable hero. At first, the title followed the Fantastic Four pattern: there was an alien invasion in issue 2, a classic Golden Age hero in issue 4 (the Blonde Phantom), and the villainous Doctor was in issue 5 (Dr. Bong, not Doom - though she met a Doom later).

    The rules were thrown out the window: She-Hulk was jumping pages, tearing holes in the paper of the page to escape, and often yelling at the writer. The series was stand-alone, as in not part of the dozen or so crossovers with an X-Men or Spider-Man title. Remember when the X-Men were funny? She-Hulk was sort of like that... with more laughs.

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