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The Death of John Bryne

This was a great take on the Marvel Universe. Back in the day, when the Fantastic Four first became a team, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee asked them if they could make a comic about their real life adventures. Now, years latter, the artist/writer of She-Hulk's book has died, or so Jennifer is told, and she must find someone to take over the book, since Marvel was loosing so much on their mutant books (Marvel, that is, in the comic book). With the mutants of the Marvel universe being hated, it would stand to reason that their comic would not do well.

This book shows off a number of artists who had never before drawn She-Hulk. Walter Simonson draws his story in a very Thor-like way, Wendy Pini shows She-Hulk as an elf, Frank Miller's She-Hulk is very tough, and so on.

The book is very light hearted, and not meant to be taken seriously, but is the last issue that John Bryne would do. Worth a read, if your a fan of She-Hulk.

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