The Sensational She-Hulk #16

    The Sensational She-Hulk » The Sensational She-Hulk #16 - The Lowbrow Hunters released by Marvel on June 1990.

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    Will the savage, gray She-Hulk be unleashed? And if so, will even her greatest allies be able to stop her?

    As the sun begins to set, Jennifer Walters begins her transformation into a savage, muscular and grey She-Hulk. Now transformed and out of her mind, she begins to bang upon the walls which imprison her. The two kids which saw her transformation decide to help her. They used their warts to weaken the door which blocks the way out. She-Hulk finishes the job.

    Now free, She-Hulk goes on a rampage, wrecking a nearby ranch and scaring it's patrons. When she approaches a spa located in the ranch however, she begins to feel weak and tired. Her strength leaving her, she collapses in the spa, to the shock of the two kids and the owners.

    Seconds later, She-Hulk resurfaces, back to her usual self except for her skin tone, which is still grey. The owners give her a bathrobe to wear for her clothes are in tatters, and she reunites with Weezi and Brent, who are pleased to see her back to normal.

    While this is going on, anomalies begin to happen and the Band of the Bland have regroup.

    At the proving grounds, She-Hulk, now wearing a blue shirt and black long pants, discusses her recent changes. Brent theorizes that the compaction process which she underwent to enter the baloney verse may have caused her body chemistry to be altered, turning her into a more savage version with grey skin. He also believes that the residual gamma radiation in the hot springs were what turned her back to normal. During the discussion, Howard mentions the Critic, though no one believes him until they hear a radio report.

    The critic interrogates Laslo about Professor Storm and discovers the truth.

    In their flying car, She-Hulk and co are discussing the critic when suddenly, they pass through a universe of suicides.


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