The Sensational She-Hulk #15

    The Sensational She-Hulk » The Sensational She-Hulk #15 - Secret Warts released by Marvel on May 1990.

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    She-Hulk and Howard the Duck's adventure in the Baloney-verse continues! But when bitten by a horde of angry demons, Shulkie becomes a mindless, smashing killing machine — just like her cousin, the Hulk!

    In the baloney-verse, a de-hulked Jennifer Walters and Howard the Duck run away from some hungry demons. They crash onto a Swedish meatball but the softness of the meatball cushions their fall. Believing that they are now safe, they decide to watch the cheese set over the west. Suddenly, the demons, having eaten their way through the meatball to get to them, jump out from the ground and start attacking Jennifer.

    Suddenly, Jennifer transforms into a savage and grey She-Hulk. She scares the monsters off and threatens to kill Howard. Brent appears and refers to the grey She-Hulk as Jennifer. the mention of Jennifer enrages She-Hulk who approaches Brent.

    The Critic has had enough of this and transport the three of them back to Brent's office where She-Hulk reverts back to Jennifer Walters, unaware of what she turned into back at the baloney-verse. The trio decide to head back to Jennifer's apartment.

    Meanwhile, an old man transforms into a creature in a dark cloak and kills a doctor and a business man.

    Jennifer, Howard and Brent arrive at Jennifer's apartment where she tells a very surprised Weezi to get Howard some coffee before taking a hot shower. While she's having her shower, Brent and Howard discuss telling Jennifer what she turned into back at the baloney-verse.

    At the Wormwall, New York State Correctional facility, a power drill creates a hole for Mangles to escape through.

    Back at Jennifer's apartment, Brent tells Jennifer about what happened back at the baloney-verse and they realise that her transformations are triggered due to nightfall.

    Mangles arrives in his old neighborhood and assembles a group called ,'Band of the Bland'.

    Jennifer and her friends arrive at the 'Gamma Ray Dude Ranch and Spa' where they find Bruce’s lab. Jennifer seals herself inside of it. There she is surprised by two kids who have hidden in the vault due to their warts.

    The Critic and Dr. Angst watch as failed universes start raining down on the Earth.



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    Grey She-Hulk and a Duck 0

    Non-powered  She-Hulk and Howard the Duck have just get to the Baloneyverse! They are after Pro. Brent, and are closing in on him to save him! The only thing is…  She-Hulk is now Plain Jennifer! She no longer is green! They have to runaway from the people of this universe. They want to eat them! When they catch Jennifer, she changes into the  Grey She-Hulk!!! This is just like the  Grey Hulk that Bruce turned into… Or Green first  Hulk. =P She starts to fight like mad, than goes after Howard! He...

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