The Sensational She-Hulk #14

    The Sensational She-Hulk » The Sensational She-Hulk #14 - A Baloney Place of Dying! released by Marvel on April 1990.

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    She-Hulk and Howard the Duck are forced to get along while trapped in the Baloney-verse! But what happens when Shulkie can only summon the strength of Jennifer Walters?

    Plot Summary

    She-Hulk discovers the existence of the Multiverse.

    And talking ducks.

    She-Hulk and Weezi find the anomaly and discover how powerful it is. It spins She-Hulk around and causes her to fall into a pond. She puts her hand inside it and it gets teleported to Howard the Duck's fridge. On their way back to the car, Weezi points out that She-Hulk is cold, something that shouldn't be possible due to her gamma blood.

    Meanwhile in a correctional facility, Mr Mangles thinks about how the big squish is about to happen.

    Back at home, She-Hulk falls to the ground, too tired to stand straight. Weezi tells her to get some rest. The next day she takes the anomaly to Dr Brent who discovers that it leads to a baloney-verse.

    Meanwhile, The Critic captures Howard the Duck and sends him over to Dr Brent's office. The impact causes Brent to fall into the anomaly. She-Hulk decides to rescue him and take Howard along with her.

    In the baloney verse, She-Hulk's body chemistry is altered. She has been de-hulked. She is now plain old Jennifer Walters.



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