Where are they now?

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Okay, most of you may have noticed by now that I have a thing for obscure 90s characters and while I reread the old Spiderman vs. The Secret Empire story where Midnight, Moon Knight's old sidekick, showed up I remembered this team. They were quite funny. A bunch of loosers in Iron man armor and though they were probably A.I.M. agents at some point it was never really explained how they got all that high tech. Whatever. I reread some old stories with them, mainly the one were they try to kill Johnny Storm and Rusty to take revenge for Grasp's son and thought their origin to be kind of relatable. 
I like them for what they are, pure plain normal people with a lot of bad luck who drank and cared about their family before turning to a lie as mercenaries again. So I asked myself:
Where are they now? Does anyone know if they showed up during Dark Reign or at some other point in time?

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@Risky: I think they were defeated by some people called "The Metahumes" And rather easily at that! So if I were them, I'd want to come back just so I could prove myself!

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