The Secret Legion

    Team » The Secret Legion appears in 72 issues.

    The Secret Legion is a kid gang that went on adventures with Captain Tootsie during the 1940s and 50s.

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    Captain Tootsie and Rollo were eventually joined by Fatso and Fisty during the 1940s and soon became a group called the Secret Legion. Their early exploits included a visit to the planet Venus. By the 1950s the Secret Legion allowed two girls, Sweetie and Maybelle, to join the team. They mounted on a rescue mission Asteroid U-238 to save Sweetie's father on arocket ship called the Rocketeer. Since then, Captain Tootsie and the Secret Legion have fallen into obscurity and are in public domain.

    Image Comics

    Savage Dragon

    The Secret Legion Returns
    The Secret Legion Returns

    The Secret Legion resurfaces in Savage Dragon. They trapped in space on the Rocketeer for 60 years and haven't aged a day. They eventually reunited with Captain Tootsie in Toronto, Canada, where he was fighting Malcolm Dragon.


    • Rollo
    • Fatso
    • Fisty
    • Maybelle
    • Sweetie

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