The Séance

    Character » The Séance appears in 32 issues.

    Member of the Umbrella Academy with the ability to speak to the dead and take on their form.

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    Séance was one of several 'special' children born randomly from mothers who had shown no signs of pregnancy. He (along with six others) was raised by Reginald Hargreeves to save the world.


    The Séance was created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá.

    Major Story Arcs

    Apocalypse Suite

    As a child, the potential of the Séance was unrealized. This might easily have been because he was forced to wear shoes.

    After the death of Reginald Hargreeves, the Séance jovially arrives at the Umbrella Academy mansion, meeting up with the rest of his adoptive siblings for Hargreeve's funeral…minus Vanya, the black sheep of the family.

    It is not long, however, before the White Violin shows up. She destroys the statue of the Horror, and kills Pogo, before inviting them to her recital, where she intends to bring about the end of the world

    The Academy devises a plan. 00.05 gives Séance Reginald Hargreeve's monocle, and Séance goes into the televator. Spaceboy, Rumor, and 00.05 go to the Icarus Theater, where they meet up with Kraken. They fight the White Violin, who has already started her Apocalypse Suite. She injures Kraken, and cuts Rumor's throat with her music. Spaceboy grabs Rumor and runs with her to a hospital. All hope seems lost, when Séance arrives. He is pretending to channel Reginald Hargreeves, and goads White Violin into abandoning the concert. 00.05 then shoots White Violin in the head. But each symphony must come to the finale. A huge chunk of the moon hurtles towards Earth.

    All hope seems lost. At the last minute, the Séance catches the 40,000 ton piece of moon with his telekinesis. Not even he had known he had that kind of power. The world saved, the Umbrella Academy heads home, only to find it crushed by the Eiffel Tower.


    A little while later, Séance is reveling in his fame at saving the world. To get away from the rest of the Academy's quarreling, he takes some gin and his Ouija board and goes to channel Pogo. Pogo begins to tell him about what 00.05 is doing. Séance is shocked, but before he can learn more he is knocked out and kidnapped by Hazel and Cha-Cha.

    They torture him, but he knows nothing about 00.05. He does however, accidentally give away the location of Hargreeve's nuclear missiles. Having gotten all the information they wanted out of Séance, Hazel then shoots him in the head.

    Séance finds himself in heaven. He meets God, who appears in the form of a giant cowboy.God takes an immediate dislike to him, and says that the devil wouldn't like him much either. Therefore, Séance is to go back to Earth and take revenge like a man.

    Spaceboy has come to rescue Séance, tracing him by a nanotracer he had slipped into a bottle of dopamine he had found in Séance's room years ago. Hazel and Cha-Cha taze Spaceboy, shutting down his system. Then Hazel shoots Cha-Cha in the head. Claiming he is an idiot, he then shoots himself in the head. Séance goes back to his body, having possessed Hazel. He defuses the nuclear bombs by channeling a Swedish engineer, reboots Spaceboy, and heads back to the Umbrella Academy mansion.

    When they get there, Séance is frenziedly digging up Pogo's grave. Spaceboy and Kraken think he's finally lost it. Séance discovered that (as he thought) there is only an agent of the Temps Aeternalis. Séance sets the chronometer, and the three are sent back in time to during the Vietnam War. The world they had come from explodes, due to Séance's improperly deactivating the missiles.

    In Vietnam, Spaceboy retreats to the jungle, and Kraken leads a small detachment. The Séance runs a strip-club to raise funds so he can build a new televator. He rescues Spaceboy and Kraken, and takes them to the back room of his club, where a younger Pogo is working on the televator. Séance is carrying around a baby, who is his son. Before he leaves, he gives it to its mother, who he speaks to in perfect Vietnamese. He also gives her his sunglasses, and then Spaceboy, Séance, and Kraken leave to stop the assassination of President Kennedy.

    They arrive as 00.05 is finishing off the Temps Aeternalis. It is too late to stop the assassination, because the Rumor was the one who killed them. A little disgruntled, they head home. It turns out that by killing the President, they had saved Earth. Kennedy was the one who had given Hargreeves the missiles, and this way he never got them. Séance is not impressed


    • Séance is able to talk with, and channel, the dead
    • He can come back from death, due to God's not liking him very much
    • He is able to project his spirit, including through televisions
    • He has advanced telekinesis, able to lift at least 40,000 tons
    • He appears to have at least limited telepathy
    • Séance was not affected by Hargreeves' monocle, which caused 00.05 to pass out when he wore it

    Weakness: Séance cannot fully use his powers when wearing shoes

    Reginald Hargreeves also believes that his morbid temperament hinders his reaching full potential.

    Other abilities:

    • Séance is a talented actor
    • He can speak fluent Vietnamese, and at least some French

    Other Media

    No Caption Provided

    In the Netflix TV show of Umbrella Academy, Klaus is a member of the Umbrella Academy and possesses self-resurrection and mediumship.


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