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Conan’s being ambushed and as usual Red Sonja has to save him!

The issue features the story "Curse Of The Undead-Man" - an adaptation of R.E. Howard's "Mistress Of Death"...

Shadizar, Zamora:

Red Sonja witnesses a public execution in the city square - the sorceror Costranno is sentenced to death. Before his dismemberment he shouts a curse at Berthilda, the woman responsible for severing his ring-finger, the source of his magic...

Later elsewhere in the city,Conan stumbles upon a scene,as fleeing robed priests are attacked by a gang of thieves. A fight ensues,and joined by Red Sonja,the brigands are dispatched. In the alley the priests fled from,is the assembled corpse of Costranno, surrounded by magical runes. Conan finds the wizards ring-finger,flinging it away in superstitious dread. Sonja relates the events at the execution to him,and they retire to a nearby tavern...

Whilst drinking,Red Sonya has a confrontation with a harlot and knocks her down...

Costranno, back from death aided by necromantic powers of his ring, is also frquenting the bar and enquiring the wherabouts of the woman Berthilda to enact his revenge...

As the undead wizard leaves,Conan notices the jeweled ring - from the very same severed hand he left in the alley! Before they can leave,a squad of city-gaurds arrive to arrest Sonya and Conan having been alerted by the assaulted harlot.

Once again,a fight ensues but Conan and Sonya manage to slip out and escape in the streets...

Conan`s curiosity is aroused and they seek out the house of Berthilda. Entering,they find Costranno and an acolyte preparing to sacrifice Berthilda...

Conan attacks the undead wizard, but his blows prove useless against Costranno`s animated body.... Sonya dispatches the acolyte but is grabbed by some monstrosity that reaches out from a smoking pit in the room`s centre...

Severing Costranno`s hand at the wrist, the wizard collapses, dead again when detached from the sorcerous ring. Before hurling the corpse in, Conan winches a cover down to seal the pit.

Sonya and Conan leave with the revived Berthilda,who is less than thankful at her rescue and returns to the pit-chamber, Sonya and Conan realise Costranno may well have returned from the dead once more if he has found the ring - as a scream sounds from the house...

Conan and Sonya turn away....


  • Curse of the Undead-Man by Roy Thomas, John Buscema and Pablo Marcos
  • Red Sonja by Roy Thomas, Esteban Maroto, Neal Adams and Ernie Chua
  • The Birth of Blackmark by Gil Kane
  • Robert E. Howard's The Frost Giant's Daughter adapted by Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith
  • Conan's Women Warriors an article by Fred Blosser
  • An Atlantean in Aquilonia an article on the history of Howard's characters in publication by Glen Lord


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