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Jennifer Walters needs a lawyer! She-Hulk has been framed for a murder she didn't commit!

Trask's arrested men discussed their fate since they heard the news of Jennifer Walter's death and out of now know where they were attacked so fast they didn't know who did it,but one of them only remembered green hands.The riot police who arrived at the scene heard that and blamed it on the She-Hulk.Jen who was hiding out at an isolated beachhouse started to have bad dreams of her past She-Hulk experiences and thought that she might hurt Zapper who was staying with her to watch out for her.The jerk lawyer Bukowski showed up with a newspaper having the story of She-Hulk murdering the three mobsters important to the Monkton case so that made Jen's heart race and she started to turn transform,but Jen ran out of the room before anyone saw her.After She-Hulk's investigating adventure she showed up back at the beachhouse and saw her dad on the televison demanding She-Hulk to turn herself in.There was a photo of She-Hulk killing a man and the shock was to great for Jen then she started to change so she overdosed on tranquilizers in order to prevent the change.As Zapper carried Jen to the couch to rest he found out that Jen was She-Hulk from her sleep talking then the door busted open by the powerful blow from a robotic She-Hulk made by Tony Stark.The robot started to choke Zapper and Jen struggled to change due to the drugs she had just taken,but before it was too late Jen managed to change and She-Hulk punched one of the arms off of the robot.The two started to fight,but in the end She-Hulk destoryed the robot and she figured out that Trask had been using this prototype to frame She-Hulk for murder.

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