The Savage She-Hulk #1

    The Savage She-Hulk » The Savage She-Hulk #1 - The She-Hulk Lives released by Marvel on February 1980.

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    She-Hulk's first appearance and origin issue! Check it out!

    Bruce Banner went to Los Angeles in order to meet up with his cousin Jennifer Walters because she was the last person he could turn to for a hideout. He found Jen at her office and they had a happy reunion, but Bruce told her that he was the Incredible Hulk and how he became the green power house. Jen decided to take her cousin home with her and she talked about her current case while on the way there, but she was followed by two goons because Jennifer made up a rumor about how she had secret evidence providing Trask murdering his own bodyguard. When they arrived at her home Jen was shot in the back by one of Trask's men and Bruce defended his cousin by spraying the hitman with a hose in order to escape. Bruce found a doctor's shingle and broke in so he could perform a blood transfusion on Jennifer. When she woke up Bruce knew Jen would be alright so he called the police and she was taken to the hospital, but Bruce was brought in for questioning. At the police station Bruce feels the D.A. will find out who he really is so he turns into the Hulk while the cops aren't looking and escapes by bashing through a wall. Trask's men show up at the hospital to attack Jen, but when they try to use chloroform on her she turns into She-Hulk and starts to beat them up. She-Hulk chases the fleeing criminals through the hospital until the thugs get out and try to get away in their car, but She-Hulk threw a "No Parking" sign and it took off all of the wheels. She-Hulk made them fess up and they told her that they were hired by Trask to kill Jennifer Walters so they were arrested. Her power was fading so she returned to the hospital using the fire exit in order to keep her identity a secret and she realized the blood transfusion turned her into a monster like Bruce, but she said that she'll learn to deal with it.

    Notes: The cover is a homage to the cover of The Incredible Hulk #1.



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    Koz's Comic Flashback 0

    I picked this book up just to add to my collection. It was cheap so I said what the hell!! I am glad I did, it was a nice read, But a bit rushed in the story. This 1980 classic tells the story of Bruce Banners cousin Jen Walters on how she Hulks out for the first time, and how she got that way. When I read this book I felt like I was in a old 1970s Action show. She-Hulk back then was also ugly more like monster. Not like the eye candy she is today. This story also gives you the origin of the In...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.
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