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Hawkman battles an army of living corpses raised from the dead by the power of the Mortis Orb. Now that the ancient relic is in the possession of the Gentleman Ghost, thousands of lives might be snuffed out in an instant. It will take a team-up with New York City's own Static to stop this undead threat!

Hawkman continues fighting the zombies invading the Brooklyn Bridge. Suddenly, a massive lightning bolt destroys the zombies. Deducing the lightning bolt came from the Manhattan side of the bridge, Hawkman finds Static fighting the zombies as well. Static tells Hawkman that he used his power to disrupt the electrical currents in the zombies’s bodies, while Hawkman tells him about the Gentleman Ghost and the Mortis Orb. Hawkman and Static decide to work together to stop the zombies.

Hawkman and Static deduce that the zombies are heading towards Central Park, and that Gentleman Ghost is in Beldevere Castle. While Static fights the zombie army, Hawkman goes to the top of the castle to stop Craddock. As Hawkman reaches the castle’s rooftop, Craddock tells him that the Mortis Orb is drawing upon the collective lifeforce of city, and he will use that energy to resurrect himself and be immortal, while everyone else, including Hawkman, will die. Then, Craddock creates more between-worlds apparitions to fight Hawkman.

At first, Hawkman tries to disarm them, but then he discovers that the orb’s increase in power has caused the apparitions to become fully solid, and Hawkman is able to destroy them. Craddock begins fully harnessing the orb’s power, creating a portal from which Julius Gates comes out. Gates, demanding the orb, grabs Craddock, while Hawkman takes the orb from him. The portal vanishes with Craddock and Gates inside, causing them both to disappear, along with the apparitions and zombies.

With Craddock gone and the battle over, Hawkman tells Static that he will take the orb somewhere no one will find it. Hawkman flies to the Antarctica and tosses the orb through a chasm. Hoping that the orb will never be found again, Hawkman returns to New York.

Afterwards, Carter returns to his loft building, where he meets up with Emma and Singh, who turns on the TV and shows Carter the news report on Hawkman. Later, Hawkman is flying across the city when he is attacked by Askana.

To be continued...



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Draws them like ants to sugar 0

This issue is a bit of an oddity.  The problem here is not so much the tone or the concept.  As with the last issue it seems to have found its bearing a lot better than the first story arc.  The problem here is  the arrival of an unexpected cameo and some inconsistencies.  The cameo from Static Shock seemed on one hand not necessary from the tone of the story that is being told, and then correspondingly too important to the resolution of the story.  That people later on cannot identify Hawkman d...

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