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How Many Hours Could You Take?

I would personally say Hour 15...but than again Destiny has control over you the whole time, so its doubtful you can choose when your finished spending 24 hours in John Dee's Hell. Anyways, as for my review on the issue, well there's not much to say without going into explicit detail or ruining the entire awesomeness of the issue, but I can tell you that after reading this comic, I think I just stared into space for about five minutes, in shock. After reading this, I got a taste of true insanity...and I didn't know how to react. But in time, I can look back at the issue and say that, it was a great read, mostly a fun read, if your in to hopeless tales of mortals condemned to be under the mercies of an insane man who just wants to play with them till the end of their miserable existences, which I of course am in to. But we can't forget the cliffhanger, a great conclusion to the issue...Dream's arrival at the scene. So all in all, I mostly just liked this as a one-shot issue, but won't recommend it...unless your sure you can appreciate this kind of stuff.

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