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Explore the vibrant dreams of Rose Walker's peculiar roommates in this mind-bending issue that explains exactly why Rose has been intertwined with the Dream King's newest adventure.

In this story we see Rose Walker has returned from the hotel which featured in the collectors and has returned to in the Inn which is owned by Hal the crossdresser. We are informed that her brother has been checked into the hospital and is in a bad way, despite his young age he is suffering from a concussion and is extremely dehydrated.

Rose speaks breifly with the other lodgers before turning in to bed but despite her overwhealming tiredness she cannot sleep. The pannels take is downstairs and we see Hal is dreaming, he dreams of Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland, they have a secret to tell him. he hears them whisper as he wakes briefly and loses what they said, again he see Judy Garland, but this time she removes her own face. Again we see Rose tossing and turning in bed, as a voice speaks, telling her to forget and to sleep. We see Gilbert as he approaches Jed's hospital bed.

Meanwhile stood high above a dream vortex that is Rose Walker stands Dream and Matthew, Dream tells Matthew to visit the hospital, and explains there is something about Rose he does not understand. Next we are drawn into Kens dream, his dream is filled with dirty sex, even the s' are dollar signs. Below we see Barbies dream, she is in her own world, she is taking a mystical journey, she speaks to a dream creature Martin Tenbones, and she speaks of the Cuckoo and the porpentine. Now we are inside Chantal's dream, confused, mixed up words about stories float around, Zelda speaks and begins to tell a tale. Hal is dreaming again, he dreams of Robert a lover, his song is playing as they kiss.

As everyone dreams, Rose watches them somehow, lucid, aware that she is dreaming, yet it somehow seems real. Above them all she can feel them, aware of their dream worlds and their places in them. Cantal dreams to block out her own memories, Barbie dreams of a rich world full of life, Ken still seeks money, sex and most of all power, and she see's Hal, seeking identity and love. Now we see everyone is awake, they all react as if it was simultaneous. Hal moves up the stairs torch in hand to check on Rose, she is gone, and somehow he is not surprised. We see Roses mother stood over unity in her weakening moments, she asks her daughter if Rose would like the doll house. Roses mother cries to herself.

We are now with Rose again, she is flying with Dream high above a canyon he sets her down on a rock as they talk. Meanwhile Matthew has reached the hospital, there he finds Gilbert as they are introduced to one another. Matthew reveals he was once a man and Gilbert reveals that he was once a dream. Matthew also tells Gilbert that Rose is a vortex, Gilbert knows the only way Dream ever dealt with a vortex was to terminate its existence.

Again we see Ken's dream of Money, and Barbie has reached "The porpentine" with Martin Tenbones. Chantal has fallen in love with a sentence, but cannot read it. Zelda is in a graveyard, she speaks of her childhood, Chantal is there, they converse and Chantal lifts up her veil to reveal a spiders head, Zleda is somewhat relieved.

Now all dreams are on, the vortex swirls in the middle and they all see Rose as she dreams in the center of the swirling mass.

Dream says enough, he wakes her. He tells her of the damage she has done, though he can repair it, and finally that it is time for them to talk.

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