The Sandman #14

    The Sandman » The Sandman #14 - The Doll's House, Part 5: Collectors released by DC Comics on March 1990.

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    You’re cordially invited to a convention unlike any other. Where murder and chaos are praised and the depraved urges of psychos are openly celebrated. At this convention of serial killers, the only admission is your life. Hopefully accidental attendee Rose Walker can make it out alive.This story is set in a hotel where a group of people are coming together from all over the globe. It's the first ever annual serial killer convention. The story begins by showing us a number of "The collectors" coming off a boat, we see them come together in the hotel that has been booked for the convention as they begin to communicate.

    Meanwhile waiting for news about her missing brother is Rose Walker, one of the main protagonists of the dolls house series. Unaware of her situation she goes about her business as usual and frets constantly about the lack of information on her brothers whereabouts.

    We see the event organiser known only as "Mister Nimrod" searching for a guest of "honor", a killer known as "The Family Man" who is supposed to be making an appearance as well as giving a speech. We also see various conversations between "collectors" with a number of killer puns in each section.

    With the convention going on in the hotel Rose trys to stay in her room but finds it unbearable, we see her go next door seeking comfort from her friend known as Gilbert, who will later be revealed as a missing dream creature "Fiddlers Green." He tells her the original story of Red Riding Hood, with the intention of calming her nerves, but in fact the grotesque nature of the story shakes her even more.

    We rejoin the convention with the arrival of The Corinthian, origionally a nightmare created by Dream he has become a renound serial killer. He has also brought a guest, Roses missing younger brother tied up in the boot of his car. He checks in and to Mister Nimrods excitement agrees to appear as the guest of honor in place of the still missing Family Man. We see Mister Nimrod prepair to go on stage and see a glimpse of his real psyche, he introduces The Corinthian and the crowd goes wild.

    Next we see a conversation between two "collectors" one identifies himself as The Bogeyman and converse with several others including The Doctor, we see a panel with him stood over a grotesque sewing machine, the whole room bathed in red light.

    Meanwhile Rose and Gilbert are using the elevator as Gilbert convinces Rose that some fresh air would be good for them both. Outside the lift Corinthian and The Doctor are disgussing The Bogey man, Corinthian states that he must be a fake as the real deal died years ago, and that something must be done. The two enter the lift with Rose and Gilbert and both party's go quiet, Gilbert hides his face from Corinthian as they go down together. The collectors leave and gilbert and rose make it outside. Gilbet gives rose a name on paper and says to call the name should trouble arise, he then leaves her.

    Corinthian invites "The Bogeyman" up to his room, and ambushes him revealing that they know his true identity, he tries to argue but is beaten badly and driven out to a nearby wooded area, there The Doctor, Mister Nimrod and Corinthian "take it in turns" until his is dead. Back at the hotel Funland a pedophile killer spots Rose and begins to stalk her, we read into some more of the collectors stories throughout the hotel before rejoining Rose back up in Gilbert's room, she finds he is still missing. Onc again we rejoin Funland talking to another killer and learn his story, until Funland leaves suddenly. Back in Roses room she hears a knock at the door and a voice claiming her room service has arrived, upon opening the door she finds Funland who beats her to the floor, she calls the name on the paper "Morpheus" and Dream arrives to save her, he puts them both into a deep sleep and walks in the main convention room.

    Here he confronts Corinthian who is giving a speech, Corinthian stabs into Dreams hand with a knife but to no avail. Dream undoes the Corinthian and then turns to the "collectors" and undoes their own dream. The dream in which they are righteous, he makes them see who they really are and one by one they leave.

    Out in the car park Gilbert appears carrying an unconscious Jed Walker, Roses missing brother and presents him to Rose.



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    Solid Issue, But Where Are We Going? 0

    This is the first extra big issue of Sandman containing 12 extra pages, which is nice, although whether or not the story actually warrants that much space is a matter for debate, but at the very least, it does allow for a "richer" experience.  The story takes place almost entirely within the Empire Hotel, a small hotel (think Holiday Inn) in rural Georgia that is playing host to a 'Cereal Convention' which is really just a code for Serial Killer Convention. Beyond said killers, the only o...

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