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It is stated that the Salesman works for higher powers who seek to transform the mortal world to resemble "where they come from", implied to be Hell or some other demonic realm. He travels to dying towns and gives strange powers to desperate people; this usually results in these people inadvertently destroying their towns and killing their families and neighbors. One such person that the Salesman bestowed powers upon was the Hound, who now serves as his associate.


The Salesman was created by Philip Tan and Justin Jordan. He made his first appearance in The Curse of Brimstone #1 - Inferno Part 1.

Powers and Abilities

  • Confer superhuman powers: The Salesman's main ability is to confer superhuman powers upon people. These powers are often unwieldy and difficult to control; it is likely that they are designed that way, the better to fulfill the goals of the Salesman and his masters.
  • Mind control: The Salesman also possesses a limited form of mind control, which can be resisted by people with strong wills.
  • Telepathy

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