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The Rot is the natural force between all death and decay in the natural world. Shortly after Alec Holland, the man once thought to be Swamp Thing, returned to life, the Rot's avatar, Sethe, rose from the ground in the American badlands, beginning to threaten all natural life, and seeking the destruction of not only Alec Holland, the champion of the Green, but also Maxine Baker, Animal Man's daughter, the champion of the Red. The champion of the Rot is William Arcane, the younger brother to Abby Holland, who was at one time Swamp Thing's lover. If William and Sethe were to unite, all life on earth would be threatened by the Rot. While Alec and Abby chase after William, Animal Man and his family is hunted by the Hunters Three, three former avatars of the Red, who have become agents of the Rot.

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