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It's gonna be a long long time...

The Rocketeer. Hear we go much like other movies I've reviewed this one was considered a flop. So naturally I consider it a lost unappreciated gem. The film (which diverges slightly from the source material) follows Cliff Secord a young pilot who simply loves to fly, a love that comes into conflict with his other love, Jenny, but Jenny loves acting which conflicts with Cliff so it kind of evens out. The story really picks up when the Mob steal a "package" from Howard Hughes and are being chased by a couple of G Men (no. not the one you're thinking of) and while on the run they "stash the loot" in an old plane. Remember the main character is a pilot. So after Cliff and his friend Peevy find the package the quickly discover it is an engine of some sort. Seeing the straps and putting two and two together Cliff is quick to strap it on his back. But as it turns out the mob are not the only ones after the rocket they also must contend with Neville Sinclair the third largest drawing star in Hollywood and a Nazi spy. (based on Errol Flynn who in real life was accused of being such) To save some time and avoid ruining more of the story for others then I already did I'll skip forward a little. There is much shooting and chasing, lucky bubble gum and a large man with a weird caveman brow. It's better than it sounds. 
I can't help but be drawn to these types of stories. I just love the way the "super hero" was done back then no motivation is need to do good other than the need to do good. This story in particular really caught that golden age feeling that heroes had back then. No revenge or an eye for an eye. Just two fisted justice. Cliff Secord is a refreshing take on the young hero type compared to what I've been seeing in recent years. He isn't angry or even that selfish he just has that genuine "Farm boy Idealism" that is absent in this day and age. As much as I liked Cliff I must admit though that Peevy really stole every seen he was in. Just with his dry absent mindedness which plays perfectly off of Cliff's youthful excitement. A good example is in the beginning after Cliff crashes their new plane that was "going to take us all the way to the nationals" it was a spectacular crash bullet holes, warped wings, the canopy was gone the wheels snapped off and it caught fire, Cliff barely made it out so what's Peevy's reaction? "... well, that's the end of that." Followed by Cliffs shocked yet long suffering look of disbelief that gives the impression that this is not unusual for him. 
I know many people will disagree with me and call this film a dud, but all in all I will always have a place in my memory for this movie that no one will dislodge it from. Consider this a recommendation. Hope there was something useful in there.

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