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    The Revolutionary is an original character created by Dynamite Entertainment who first appeared in Project Superpowers: Meet the Bad Guys #2. He is a revolutionary anti-hero in the sense of being radical and anarchistic – revolution for the sake of rebellion.

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    Revolution - The overthrow or renunciation of one government or ruler and the substitution of another by the people.


    The State of the Nation

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    There is a reason that the Revolutionary is an anti-hero in the most raw and deadly sense of the word. He was born into an America that’s much different from our own. An America that because of an absence of the world’s heroes since the end of WW2 has fallen into a deep seeded dictatorship and the Dynamic family is spinning events around the world just to make a profit. Free speech is heavily restricted, the law enforcement consists of morally questionable individuals who show no compassion, and wars are no longer a means to bring peace, but to push agendas. In these time's in America it is clear that something needs to change.  America needs it's people to stand up. It needs a hero. What it will get -- is a Revolution.

    "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" Edmund Burke


    The Revolutionary is a young man fueled by love for what his country was founded on and the potential of what it still could become. Though he considers himself a patriot he doesn't serve flag blindly as he sees that the Nation is corrupted and is striving to try and save the Nation from itself. He knows to make this happen he must gather his fellow citizens and take off the blinders that the powers that be has placed on them and rise up against the corrupt Nation as a united people. He knows he must do these things, but as he is new to the Hero game and is young in age, he tends to embrace the 'rebellion' part of everything a bit too much.

    Project Superpowers

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    The Revolutionary is a young man with unknown powers, a rebellious attitude and a personal style that has been referred to as combination of "George Washington and Lobo". In the Revolutionary's first appearance, he is caught breaking into the Federal Reserve not because he wants to steal anything, but to make a point. While sitting around the piles of freshly bloodied corpses, he thinks to himself  'What's the dollar worth these days? What kind of currency can you even depend on in a bankrupt country? Even the mere idea of it . . . ' he exclaims, 'Its Revolutionary.'
    Elsewhere the American Spirit shows up to inform the Fighting Yank that the Revolutionary is the latest in a long line of Patriots to serve the Flag. He then tells him that he needs to seeks him out immediately and confront the Revolutionary on his own terms. 
    When he arrives he see's the Revolutionary taking on and destroying a small army so he leaps into action and engages the Revolutionary. After a quick battle, in which the Revolutionary gets the upper hand, the American Spirit tells the Yank 'If you see him as a adversary -- you would be sorely mistaken. Look past the aggression, his bravado, to what he represents...He is a challenge. He is not the enemy. He is like a newborn to this life. As any true revolutionary would be, he has the fire inside, but no discipline. That is where you come in, Bruce Carter . . for he is one of us. He simply doesn't realize it yet. He isn’t evil, just misguided, the latest in a long line of patriots and need guidance.'   
    The Yank then, to try and stop the carnage, has a conversation with the Revolutionary in which he offers him a chance to leave. Having already made his point the Revolutionary rides off into the night.
    The fact that the American Spirit appears to the Fighting Yank, when earlier it said it would only appear in times of great importance, to tell him to seek out the Revolutionary. And including the fact that the Fighting Yank decides to take up the mentor role for the Revolutionary. Means that the Revolutionary is not only the latest patriot to fight for his country, but potentially the greatest patriot ever to serve the flag.



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    While it is not completely known just how limitless the Revolutionary's powers are, the abilities currently reveled are: 

    Vast superhuman strength

    The Revolutionary is capable of lifting 75 tons. His strength is so great that he rivals the Mighty Samson and Black Terror in strength. Some feats include breaking free of the Fighting Yanks coat (which is invulnerable and has immense strength on it's own) and
    lifting and destroying tanks. 


    The ability to get the jump on the Fighting Yank in seconds. This ability is mostly due to his immense strength.


    Taking on multiple Army's for hours on end.


    We have never seen his blood. Some feats include being unfazed by getting shot by two tanks and standing up to a small army unloading high caliber rounds at him while continuing to make a speech.

    Characteristics and Paraphernalia

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    The Revolutionary has 13 red stars on his chest paying homage to the original flag that are either painted, tattooed, or carved onto the skin. He wears a trench coat which may, like the Fighting Yank, be the source of his powers. Also styling himself after the Fighting Yank he wears a Tri-fold hat and square buckle boots.

     He also has a custom "Chopper" motorcycle which is his main mode of transportation.

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