The Revengers

    Team » The Revengers appears in 10 issues.

    Team of angry ex-Avengers and super-powered beings that believe the Avengers do more harm than good. Lead by Wonder Man.

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    A team formed by Wonder Man. After numerous incidents surrounding the Avengers and Avenger associated members, for many Avengers the return of Steve Rogers and downfall of Norman Osborn signaled a return to more optimistic times. Especially with the true Avengers reforming. However for Simon Williams also known as Wonder Man, this was only another bad omen and he had strong opinions concerning any Avengers team formation, flatly rejecting Captain America's offer to be a part of the new Avengers team. Furthermore Wonder Man threatened Captain America that there would be consequences if the Avengers were formed. Wonder Man followed up his threats attacking the Avengers building inadvertently endangering the world when he unintentionally destroyed a time machine the Avengers were using to help repair the time stream. Failing in his attempt, Wonder Man disappears despite Thor and Iron Man's pleas for a peaceful solution. Wonder Man would go on to form the group the Revengers. Led by Wonder Man, the Revengers were assembled to disband the Avengers, who they believe cause more harm in existing than they do good. Wonder Man contacts many lower tier heroes which included Captain Ultra, Anti-Venom, Virtue, Devil-Slayer, Atlas, Goliath, Century and D-Man where he convinces them to attack the Avengers. They assault Avengers Mansion and easily defeats Luke Cage's New Avengers. They then go on to attack Avengers Tower, but the Avengers quickly defeat them in retaliation.


    The Revengers were created by Brian Michael Bendis and Gabriele Dell'Otto in 2011 and first appeared in New Avengers Annual # 1 released in 2011.

    Major Story Arcs

    Attack on the New Avengers

    The Revengers first major move was to target the New Avengers team, led by Luke Cage. Stalking the Avengers Mansion the powerful anti Avengers group wait for the Mansion to be cleared of Danielle, infant daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones before launching a surprise sneak attack. They manage to defeat the Avengers team, leaving their bodies buried under the rubble of the now destroyed mansion.

    Attack on the Avengers

    The Revengers staged an attack on the Avengers, before holding a press conference taking responsibility for the attack. They use the press conference as an opportunity to call out the Avengers for all their neglect and bad decisions. Wonder Man is defeated by Iron Man using a device designed by Williams best friend Beast, and Thor teleports the remaining Revengers to an empty stadium where the remaining Revengers were defeated and then incarcerated.

    Alternate Realities

    MC 2

    The Revengers are a team in the MC2 universe.

    In Other Media

    Thor: Ragnarok

    The Revengers in live-action
    The Revengers in live-action

    In the third Thor movie, the Revengers is the name given to the band of heroes Thor assembles on Sakaar to help save Asgard from Hela, the Norse goddess of death. The team consists former Avenegers Thor and the Hulk, as well as the Asgardian warrior Valkyrie and Thor's villainous brother Loki. Humorously, the name comes about because Thor is unable to come up with a title for the group that sounds sufficiently different from the Avengers, the team of heroes he used to belong to.


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