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"The Revenant" was inadvertently created by Michael Morbius when he had developed an antidote to combat the zombie virus which had been brought across to Earth-616 by A.R.M.O.R.. The virus, however, adapted to the effects of antidote and became an airborne virus, a blood-red acid cloud which rained down infected blood onto those beneath it, killing all in its path.


The Revenant was created by Fred Van Lente and Kev Walker and first appeared in Marvel Zombies 4 #2.

Character Evolution

The Revenant was featured heavily in Marvel Zombies 4, threatening to infect the entire globe, it also caught the attention of Dormammu who sought to use it to spread his own influence. At the climax of the series, the virus was sent into the body of Simon Garth, threatening to be unleashed if Garth should ever be destroyed, it hasn't been seen or referred to since.

Powers and Abilities

The Revenant is an airborne virus which spreads through infected blood and kills all living substances (human, animal or plant-life) it comes into contact with. The virus also re-animates the corpses of those it kills almost immediately. The Revenant has no sentience and is driven only by a biochemical desire to spread. It is said that The Revenant could infect the entire globe within a day, and would consume the small island nation of Taino in under an hour.

The Revenant was able to adapt itself it combat threats, such as the Man-Thing which was restoring to life nature which Revenant was destroying. To this end, Revenant was able to animate a body, composed of several parts of Wicked Brigade (a group of superheroes it had previously killed), to stop Man-Thing.


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