The Resistance

    Team » The Resistance appears in 18 issues.

    A team of people that fights the amazons in England during Flashpoint. Notable members are Etrigan, Godiva, Grifter and Canterbury Cricket.

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    A reactionary movement formed in the Flashpoint reality when the Amazon's invaded and took over the United Kingdom. It was formed by Grifter who was in the UK looking for Penny Black when the attack occurred. Having high regard for the country, Grifter goes underground and quickly rounding up "A real bunch of misfits" and forming a Resistance cell in Canterbury.

    Story Arc


    Steve Trevor is captured by a group of Amazons while he scurries around the ruins of London. He is forced by Wonder Woman to reveal his mission using the Lasso of Truth. He was meant to relay a message all the way from the US to the Resistance cell in London.

    During the final battle in the ruins of London, the Resistance comes to the aid of Cyborg, Flash, Batman, and Captain Lighting.

    Dead Man and the Flying Graysons

    While on their Europe Tour Hayley's Circus is attacked by a squad of Amazons in search for the Helm of Nabu which is one of the attractions of the Circus. During the attack Dick Grayson, John Grayson, Deadman, Ragdoll, Kent Nelson managed to escape with the Amazons hot on the trail. They are saved by Count Vertigo who reveals that he is part of the Resistance. The Count reveals to them that he joined the Resistance when the Amazons killed his family.

    In trying to transport the Helm out of Amazon territory the group is attack and everyone is killed save for Dick. Having successfully escaped the Amazons, with the help of the now dead Deadman, Dick is met by Britannia who enlists him into the Resistance under the name of Doctor Fate.

    Lois Lane and the Resistance

    As Europe was sunk by the Atlanteans, Jimmy Olsen was killed in the deluge with Lois Lane replacing him as Cyborg's agent that is supposed to make contact with the Resistance. Lois infiltrates New Themyscira and continuously sends Cyborg inside intel. When the time came Lois was forced to escape but a group of Amazons were hot on her trail. She was saved by Penny Black who tells her all about the Resistance.

    Lois meets up with the rest of the Resistance and Grifter brings her up to speed on the Resistance and their goals. They are attacked by a Fury Kill squad but manage to dispatch them first. They make their way to HQ and find Penny nursing her wounds. With Cyborg's equipment, care of Lois, Penny manages to locate the Britannia MK. II. As the Resistance make their way to the location they are ambushed by a group of Furies who reveal that Mrs. Hyde, or specifically Bobby Stephenson, had betrayed them. A Skirmish ensues while Lois and Penny find the Britannia armor. Artemis shoots an arrow at Penny and Lois retaliates with a flurry of gun shots. Before Artemis is able to kill Lois, Penny now clad in the Britannia armor dispatches Artemis.

    Britannia takes off in order to support the Resistance when she is attacked by Wonder Woman. The two have a mid-air skirmish which ends in one of the Amazon prisons. Wonder Woman is shocked by the revelation and frees the prisoners. Later these prisoners make their way to fight alongside the Resistance.

    The Canterbury Cricket

    The Canterbury Cricket was already resisting the Amazons with a group of "condemned souls"; in the form of Queen Bee, Blue Beetle, The Cockroach, and Firefly. Despite their efforts his team is killed by the Amazons prompting the Cricket to go underground. He was later enlisted by the Resistance when he assists them during a skirmish with the Amazons.


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