The Renegades

    Team » The Renegades appears in 23 issues.

    A police force from the 25th century who are responsible for policing through time

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    Formed at some point in the 25th century, the Renegades- more properly the Reverse-Flash Task Force- were brought together by the legal system to dispense justice throughout the past for any crimes committed against 25th century citizens. They pursued this mandate using historical records and time travel technology to prevent the crime from ever occurring.


    The Renegades were created by Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul. They are closely based on the Rogues. They made their first appearance in The Flash #1

    Team Evolution

    The team consists of Commander Cold, the leader, Mirror Monarch, Heatstroke, Top, Trixster, and Weather Warlock.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Dastardly Death of the Rogues

    Aware that one of their members will soon be killed by someone who they believe to be the Flash, the team travels back to just under three months before the Mirror Monarch will be killed to capture Flash and bring him to the 25th century. They make several attempts to capture the Flash, but he evades them on their first attempt. On their second attempt they are distracted by the arrival of original Rogues. They engage first with Captain Boomerang, and then with the rest of the Rogues. They finally succeed in dragging Flash to the 25th century, only to discover that they have been betrayed by the Top, who fabricated the entire crime in order to protect his family's criminal past. After Flash escapes their custody and captures the Top himself, the team is left to question the wisdom of their mandate and the strange inconsistencies and paradoxes that exist in their historical records.


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