The Redbird

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    The Redbird is the name of Robin's car and motorcycle.

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    The Car
    The Car

    Tim Drake was allowed to have a driver’s permit in order to transport his father Jack Drake, who was disabled at the time. He also used it while adventuring as Robin and called it the Redbird.

    The Redbird is a camouflaged sport Coupé with all the same armaments of the Batman's Batmobile. In addition to that, there are polarizing windows and exterior sliding bulletproof conversion panels, enabling it to be driven by an uncostumed Tim as a normal car. When Tim was sent away to boarding school, following the quake known as the Gotham Cataclysm, he was forced to give up the Redbird by 'selling' it to a disguised Alfred. While at boarding school he developed an advanced skateboard he called the "Redboard". More recently he utilizes a modified 491 cc, liquid-cooled motocross Batcycle for his transportation needs.

    With Tim Drake moving back in Gotham, this time as the adopted son of Bruce Wayne, the Redbird is restored to him, but it is badly damaged during an ambush. Robin takes in consideration the idea to scrap it and have built something scarier to drive.

    His resolution doesn't seem to come to a pass, as the Batcave still holds one or more Redbirds in storage along with other Batmobiles, and only a few days later Tim is shown driving a new or a refurbished Redbird, identical to the previous one.


     The Bike
    The Bike

    In the 1997 live-action film Batman & Robin, the Redbird was a motorcycle instead of an automobile.

    As with the Batmobile, this particular Redbird was a ground-up build, utilizing fiberglass and carbon fiber. The company TFX developed the Redbird on a Honda off-road motorcycle.

    The Redbird has two drive nozzles, which allows the vehicle to rise. This is dependent on the speed when taking off, making the Redbird airborne for 20 seconds or longer. There's a central computer on the tank that supplies an LCD announcement containing additional information for the driver. Additionally, the Redbird has small burls to the tire, which can be driven out very fast, in order to increase the road grip. Also, it comes still grappling hook, which is attached in the front fender over the tire.

    Technical specifications

    • Size: 10.5 feet long
    • Drive: Honda prototype with 95 HP
    • Maximum speed: of 0 to 180mph in 6.9 seconds
    • Features: Fluorescent paper on the tires beleutet Robin's logo, has a single 600cc Honda prototype with 95 horsepower

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