The Red Mist

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    Chris Genovese is the son of Crime Boss, John Genovese also known as "Johnny G". He was a fellow friend of Kick-Ass and a Hero, known as The Red Mist but he eventually turns against Kick-Ass and becomes his archenemy known as The Mother Fucker.

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    The Traitor
    The Traitor

    The Red Mist was another teenager inspired to become a masked hero because of Kick-Ass. But his cooler appearance, tricked out sports car, and the fact that he stopped Russian drug dealers stole some of Kick-Ass' fandom. And though Kick-Ass tried to talk to and force Red Mist into giving up his superhero identity, he quickly befriends him.

    When Kick -Ass was visited by Hit-Girl and Big Daddy, Red Mist was reluctant to join their team. Both friends were on their way to meet Hit-Girl and her father in their headquarters ready to make a counter offer, but instead found a heavily wounded Big Daddy pleading for help at the hands of Johnny G. At that moment, Red Mist was exposed as not only a traitor who set up the would be heroes, but also the son of Johnny G.

    Major Story Arcs

    At the end of the first arc of Kick-Ass, Red Mist is seen in his new costume writing Kick-Ass a death note while saying, "... wait till they get a load of ME." a line from the Joker in the 1989 batman movie.

    Hit Girl

    For more information see: Hit-Girl

    Red Mist goes to his mother's house in up state New York, he collects his comic book and a few statues. He then informs her he is now a super villain. Later he goes to commit the first super crime but after killing a man he is beat up by the man's two sons. His Uncle Vic gets him out of jail and tells him to leave the country. Chris agrees and plans on traveling the world and become a martial arts master. He is trained in Asia but soon learns his "masters" are just using him for his money. Finding it it too hard, he decides to get a bad ass body guard instead. Later in Eastern Europe, Chris remembers Kick Ass's real name.

    Kick-Ass 2

    After the events of the first arc Red Mist adopted a Super-Villain identity and recruited an army of super-villains via Facebook.Using his father's wealth he hired a Russian Bodyguard to deal with hit-girl.

    Weapons and Equipment

    Since The Red Mist is a character based in a real world scenario, he does not have any super powers or mutant abilities. However, being the son of a crime boss he has enough money to buy just about anything, including weapons, drugs, and amazing cars. And so far the only weapon we've seen him use is a hand gun.

    Besides every real world's hero's necessity, a cell phone for keeping up to date with local emergencies, The Red Mist also uses weed to calm his nerves before patrol.

    The Mist-mobile

    Tricked out race car with "Mist" written across the front window. No specifics are given in the comics as to how it has been upgraded.

    Other Media

    Kick-Ass (movie)

    Chris Mintz as Red Mist
    Chris Mintz as Red Mist

    Portrayed by Christopher Mintz Plasse, Red Mist is Chris D'Amico, son of Frank D-Amico instead of Chris Genovese. His real life character, Chris, is given much more depth than in the comics, showing how the idea to become The Red Mist was his way of proving to his father that he is ready to be part of the family business. And with costume redesign comes character redesign. Not only is the movie version of Chris portrayed as more of a weak comic book nerd, Red Mist himself originally wants to show mercy to Kick-Ass by letting him go when they capture Big Daddy. Though that view quickly changes after his father is killed by Kick-Ass. He later swears his revenge on him, while wearing his new super villain costume. He dropped the name Red Mist, considering that to be his super-hero name and took the identity Mother F****r as his villain name.


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