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    You're getting soft Rose while Warblade's still sharp

    (No Spoilers)

    We're treated to a quick wrap-up of the events from last issue as the new creative team of Nelson and Guara deliver another solid issue of Ravagers. Unfortunately, this comes on the heels of the announcement that the title will be cancelled soon. So despite being a good issue, it was hard to keep that knowledge from dampening my enjoyment.

    I raved last month about how writer Michael Alan Nelson and artist Ig Guara were a breath of fresh air for this series. Well, that fresh air was quickly overpowered by the stink bomb news that Ravagers is ending with issue #12. I seem to recall DC doing something similar with the first round of New 52 titles that were cancelled. How they justify putting a new creative team on a book which is normally done to increase sales and then turn right around and cancel the book is beyond me. DC has been making a lot of questionable decisions across the board lately. But, let's focus on the goodness of this issue.

    Nelson set-up a story that is almost like superhero horror. I hesitate to use the word horror because it's not the story elements that remind me of a horror movie, but more the setting. It's a small town with a local sheriff who is trying his best to deal with the terribly unfortunate circumstances that are happening in his once quiet town. I like how when the Ravagers showed up, instead of getting caught up in yet another superhero battle, the sheriff takes command. It's funny to see everyone's reaction to this and left it open for some great character interactions.

    Speaking of the characters, last issue Nelson portrayed Rose Wilson as being a little bit softer and even though Warblade addressed it in story, I still questioned it. Here it's clear that Rose's personality is softer and it's the only complaint I had about the book (which to me is minor compared to all the other goodness we got). I can understand some of Rose's points in the story but I think she wouldn't been more harsh in how she handled them.

    Overall, another good issue from the new creative team. Looks like we'll only get three more from them until the end. But so far, they've proven that they will be really good ones!


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