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Ravagers #3 or... Naked Meta Volleyball! minor spoilers...

Well, issue number three came alone and it takes quite a shift from the first two(both of which I rather enjoyed). The pacing is quite different. Many criticized the first two for being low on action, but I thought they had just enough for what the story was, which was setting up the cast of characters and their personal conditions, whilst also distancing them from their pursuers. A book doesn't have to be punch, punch all the time, especially since a lengthy build up to fewer battles can heighten the suspense.

This issue how ever is mostly fight scenes, so hopefully the earlier mentioned critics will have less to object to. Viewing the story arc as a whole, this issue which would be in the rising action works being mostly fighting.

Anyway, this issue starts by setting up Brother Blood. He could be a new Blood, but his callow nature and use of phrases like "not cool" and "show me what you've got" make me feel like he is the most recent, and much younger Blood, Sebastian. Three women around him tell him how the Ravagers are near and that one will serve as a key to open a portal to the "Red place" As blood referred to it.

We find the larger group of Ravagers, frolicking nude in a stream (Caitlin is there, but not naked or frolicking) until they are ambushed by Blood's followers and a fight ensues.

A way's off we come across Terra and Gar who are making their way back to the other group, whilst handling a few brawls themselves.

This issue has a lot to offer. It gives many hints on where the story is going, particularly Blood's main objective (if yu really want to know, message me privately and I will go into detail)

However, I think the best thing this issue has to offer is Beast Boy. I've been reading this title solely for his sake and he finally gets to do something. And man did it make up for his absence in the first two issues. Not only is it made clear that he will be one of the main players in this arc, but this issue also put to rest many worries I had regarding gar when I learned he would be in this book. A good amount of effort is taken to differentiate Gar's outlook from the other escapees. While during their fights, Lightning, Thunder and Terra all remark on how natural and pleasing it feels for them to be fighting whoever comes along, Gar is clearly put off and is fighting more because he has to and not because he enjoys it. Also there are a few moments in here where gar is actually taking heroic initiative over simple self-preservation. There are hints that his origin may be more radically changed than some other heroes (but it's possible not) More than anything this issue gave me hope that Gar will at least retain the most important things about his character, even if we can't have him just as he was before the Reboot.

Overall, I feel this issue was a very good continuation from the first two. The plot is taking it's time in a way that allows us to learn about the characters and what awaits them in a far more natural way. Those who like the first two will most definitely enjoy this one, and those who were originally turned off by the lack of fighting should at least give #3 a look over to see if it can redeem the title in your eyes. Really, aside from some pacing issues between the transition from one group to the other, and a full-frontal nude Ridge, this issue had little to complain about.

I haven't really been able to enjoy anything fro the New 52 as they all either focused on characters I didn't care about or they changed the characters I loved so drastically that they weren't something I could like anymore. However this Title has yet to really turn me off. It is still on a probationary basis with me as there is much yet to be revealed, but it promises to be something I can enjoy when the rest of the DC universe has let me down.

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