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Ravagers #10 Review

Ravagers #10 Review


As the series winds down, things get real.

The Good:

There are several plot developments that signal the impending end and while a little sad, they work. Seeing several character arcs, such as Lightning’s disappearance and Terra and Beast Boy’s romance get resolved is nice. It shows that there is still story left to tell even though they won’t be. Another good aspect of the story is the continued story of Warblade and Rose because they are a significant part of the series even if they are villains. There are also several developments here that probably would have happened even if the series wasn’t ending, Ridge’s powers and the attack, and they mesh well with some of the other plot lines.

Michael Alan Nelson and Tony Bedard do a great job writing the issue. It is not too fast or slow and covers several different plot points well. The dialogue is also very good.

Ig Guera and Diogenes Neves split the drawing of the issue and their styles are similar and flow together well. The transition is helped greatly by Tony Avina’s excellent colors.

The Bad:

While Deathstroke is a classic Teen Titan’s villain and the Ravagers are a more hardlin/violent/messed up version of the Teen Titans, Deathstroke doesn’t fit that well here. While he isn’t in the issue very much, he just seems out of place, like Harvest could find someone else to go after the team. At the very least his presence will have a payoff when Rose shows up.

There is a death at the end and it seems both necessary and unnecessary. It just kind of sucks to see a character get killed like that.

The cover is misleading…


A solid issue from a great creative team that is clearly winding down but showing that there is still life left in the book. Overall there is a sense of finality that hangs over it but is still used well, especially at the end. Even with Deathstroke feeling out of place, this issue seems like more of a set up issue for the next one.

3.5 out of 5

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