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When Rat-Man started his carrer as Nameless Town's superhero, he happened to be woken up in the night by a copy of himself. The sosia brought him directly to criminals, and pushed him to fight, even personally helping. He's The Rat-Man, the embodiment of Deboroh's will to be a superhero.

As time goes by, the Rat-Man grows in size, and becomes more and more violent, to the point of slaughtering criminals. Deboroh starts to be scared, and one night hides in an electrified caveau. The Rat-Man isn't able to reach him and leaves. Their connection is severed.

The Rat-Man hides in the underground of an abandoned building, immobile like a statue. It's found by the police and they have him in custody. In the meanwhile, Rat-Man starts having episodes of paralysis, lacking the will to even stand up, to the point of needing a wheelchair.

Taking advantege of Rat-Man's inability, the Shadow tries to take over the city sending Mr. ending, one of his minions. Rat-Man goes to the police station to stop her, but he can't even move. When all seems lost, The Rat-Man shows up and kills Mr. Ending. He and Deboroh accept each other and fuse, making Rat-Man once again able to walk.


The Rat-Man was created and developed by the writer and cartoonist Leonardo Ortolani.


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