The Ranzz Family

    Team » The Ranzz Family appears in 30 issues.

    The Ranzz family lives in the 31st Century and consists of both heroes and villains in that time.

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    The Ranzz family consists of:

    Mekt Ranzz - founder and member of the Legion of Super-Villains

    Garth Ranzz - founder and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes

    Ayla Ranzz - member of the Legion of Super-Heroes

    Imra Ardeen - wife of Garth and founder and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes

    Graym Ranzz - son of Garth and Imra

    Garridan Ranzz aka Validus - son of Garth and Imra and member of the Fatal Five

    Mekt, Garth and Imra were all born on Winath, where twins are the norm. Garth and Imra are twins, but Mekt had no twin, and this was considered a bad omen. Mekt has since come to believe that he does indeed have a twin and that his parents lied about him being born alone.

    In the "Five Years Later Legion" continuity, it was revealed that Proty's life force has been living in Lightning Lad's body ever since he "sacrificed" himself to bring Garth back to life. This has since been ignored.


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