The Quiet Man

    Character » The Quiet Man appears in 12 issues.

    Entrepreneur and founder of Eden, the eco-friendly community of tomorrow located in Lake Michigan.

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    A brilliant young man attending Columbia University had grown to love fellow student Susan Storm. But as he watched, she fell in love with another man named Reed Richards. He would forever hate Richards for this.

    In the shadows, he would plot against the Fantastic Four and grow quite wealthy and powerful. He would reveal later that he was known only as The Quiet Man, having forgotten his true name, using technology to change his appearance so he could gain power and persuasion. He joined many professions and became CEO of many companies under different guises.


    The Quiet Man was created by James Robinson and artist Leonard Kirk. He first appeared in Fantastic Four #5 as Aiden Toliver. He first appeared as Cully Moore in Fantastic Four #8. He revealed himself as the Quiet Man in Fantastic Four #14.

    Story Arcs

    John Eden is the founder and developer of Eden, a revolutionary, eco-friendly city located in Lake Michigan. After the Fantastic Four was removed from the Baxter Building following an event blamed on the Four, Reed Richards was offered a position at Eden. He was given an assistant named Cully Moore.

    It would soon be revealed however that Cully was indeed the mastermind. He killed the man posing as John Eden and captured Mr. Fantastic as well as the children of the Future Foundation. He teamed up with the Wizard and has a group of protectors posing as members of the Avengers from Franklin Richard's pocket dimension.

    Powers & Abilities

    The Quiet Man has a nanite-derived facial reconstructor that can change his appearance. He has used this technology to become many individuals and own many companies.

    He possesses genius level intellect and over time has become vastly wealthy, giving him vast resources at his disposal.


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