The Quiet Council of Krakoa

    Team » The Quiet Council of Krakoa appears in 240 issues.

    The Quiet Council is the governing body of the mutant nation, Krakoa.

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    The Quiet Council is the governing body responsible for forming laws and national policy for the mutant state of Krakoa. Consisting of twelve members, the Council is divided into four sections: Autumn, Summer, Spring and Winter.

    The Autumn section consists of Professor X , Hope Summers, and Destiny, some of the most recognizable figures of mutant society.

    The Summer section consists of Storm, Nightcrawler and Colossus.

    The Spring section consists of Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw and Kate Pryde, representing the Hellfire Trading Company and advocating for the commercial interests of Krakoa.

    The Winter section consists of Exodus, Mystique, and Mr. Sinister, representing some of the more zealous and morally ambiguous elements of mutantkind.

    The island of Krakoa is represented by Krakoa itself and the mutant Cypher, who translates the island's thoughts and feelings for the Quiet Council.


    • Cyclops (Scott Summers) and Namor were both offered spots on the council, but declined.
    • Before Kate Pryde joined the Spring section of the council as the Red Queen, the third position in that section was occupied by an unnamed Red King.
    • Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) held the third position in the Summer section of the council before she resigned in order to co-lead the X-Men, replaced by Colossus.
    • Apocalypse was replaced by Destiny.
    • Before Hope Summers joined the Council, Magneto held her position.
    • Storm has a seat on both the Quiet Council and the Great Ring simultaneously.

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