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The purge is part of a n ancient race who was living in the farthest fringe of the universe, beyond the reach of the Guardians of the Universe and their Green Lantern Corps. His race had developed a complex civilisation but was already plagued with war, pollution and overconsumption of their planet.

W hen they are at the edge of self-destruction, a spiritual leader, Amer Ghada, appeared and guided the entire race in a more simple life without war, huge cities and overconsumption. The woman, now call as the Sage, progressed herself in a high-level asceticism and entered in a long trance-state in order to let his spirit roam the universe.

One of the Sage’s followers, who would become the Purge, also entered in a long trance-state. He discovered that all sins find their origin in body’s desire and concluded that the only way to avoid them was to quit his own body.

He converted his entire fellow countrymen who, one by one, commit suicide, letting their planet totally deserted. The Purge entered again in some trance and roamed the universe as a free spirit.

But he didn’t stop his crusade. Travel ling thought the fringe of the universe, he took the control of the most powerful inhabitant of numerous planet and bring these planets to their destruction as he did for his own planet.

Without sin.

The purge discovers the planet Kahlo in the sector 2810. As he did a lot of time, he decides to purge this planet of all her sins, bringing it to its destruction. So he takes control of Orlan, the Green Lantern native of Kahlo. Using secretly his vessel, the Purge begins to empoison the forest of Belamort (one plant the entire Kahlo natives used) and destroys the pleasure city of Kymera.

Warning by the strange predictions of Cora, an earthling heavy-handicap little girl, Hal Jordan and the Phantom Stranger travels to Kahlo. They discover the destruction with the aid of Orlan, totally unaware than the Purge used his body.

But, soon, the Purge attacks Hal Jordan and the Phantom Stranger whose magic succeed finally to repel him from Orlan’s body. The Phantom Stranger suggests to Hal to join Earth in order to protect Cora as her predictions announce than the Purge are about to attack our planet.

In fact, the Purge has secretly merged with Hal Jordan’s mind. When the green Lantern reaches the hospital who houses Cora, the Purge takes control of him and finds the young girl. He asks how the handicapped girl, normally unable to communicate, could know him and predict his actions. So, he joins the spirit of the young girl, taking with him Hal Jordan’s soul.

In Cora’s mind, he discovers the spirit of the Sage, Amer Ghada. Some time before, his mentor had taken control of Cora in order to warm Hal Jordan and the Phantom Stranger about the danger The Purge represents. The ascetic tries to convince the Purge to stop his crusade but fails. The fanatic is ready to destroy Earth, using its most powerful members like Superman.

The Phantom Stranger joins the battle in Cora’s mind. He decides to block the Purge’s spirit in Cora’s Body. So, as the young girl will die soon from his genital malformation, the Purge will die with her like the Sage who is too old and weak to quit the girl’s spirit.

When the two heroes have quit Cora’s mind, the little girl talks to the Purge. She doesn’t understand why he wants to kill everybody in order to save them from their sin. She explains that she would have wanted to live a real life even if it was full of pain and sorrow. Finally, convinced by Cora and the Sage, the Purge uses his own strength to totally heal the little girl. The Purge leaves our plane of existence with his mentor, Amer Ghada, giving to a little girl without sin a chance to live a new life.


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