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Dealing with parental difficulties as a child, Annalee became introverted and antisocial. She went to counseling with little help, except to spark her own interest in psychology. Through high school she watched as her friends dealt with their issues in ways that baffled her, turning the spark of interest into a burning flame. She wanted to know how people tick, especially herself. She found herself getting sucked into childish efforts, like having crushes on frat guys, even though she thought it was stupid.

She went to college to study psychology and when the ax-cell-erator exploded, she gained the power to jump into peoples minds for short periods of time, until they consciously push her out. Because of this she can stay in a mind longer is they are unconscious, She can even take control of the persons body. The catch to this power, however is that while she controls another person, her own body becomes a lifeless shell. And, if she causes injury to a person she is possessing, her own body incurs the same injuries. She is the voice of reason of the Freshmen, and Wannabe has a HUGE crush on her. Recently she has been showing interest in Bradley (Pusher).

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